Painting the Natural World: Landscapes, Scenery, & Designs by Kat

As an artist from the Midwest, Katherine Elliott is exposed to many gorgeous and captivating sites from around the region. When she isn't creating art with social justice themes, she works to capture the beautiful views offered to her by her surroundings. Billowing clouds over Lake Michigan's surface, the rolling hills of a Hoosier farm, vibrant and colorful striations at Painted Rocks, and full, expansive forests stretching all across the region have influenced her and her artwork. 

To keep these scenes with her all year round, she uses oil on canvas to replicate the memorable views and destinations. Some scenes span across several panels to create a bold, distinguished look, all with a range of sizes and dimensions to choose from. Others are set on a single canvas, with some made small, thin, and lightweight for easy transportation, while other pieces come on large, heavy-duty canvases that can eclipse entire walls, making it feel like one can simply walk into the painting itself.

On top of the artwork that Katherine has already produced, viewers also have the option of commissioning her for artwork specific to them. Canvas sizes, art styles, imagery, and more can be decided by the potential buyer, with free shipping of the artwork available, depending on scale and region.

For those in the Michiana area interested in private art lessons, Katherine also teaches students age six or older. While the first lesson is always free, prices for all following lessons are:
     $13/hr for one student
     $10/hr each for two students
     $8/hr each for three or more students

For more information on this and anything else, simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page at this website or email her at katherineelliottart [!at]

Thank you for visiting! 

Featured images:
Image 1: Painted Rocks I
Image 2: Lake Michigan I 
Image 3: History Repeated: The Armenian and Yazidi Genocides
Image 4: Family Portrait in Armenia: Before and After the Armenian Genocide

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