Lake Michigan Summers -- Oil on Canvas

Lake Michigan Summers -- Oil on Canvas


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An oil painting of Lake Michigan for those who want summer in their home all year round. Expansive blue skies give way to soft, billowing clouds and the detailed flow of blue green waters beneath -- made detailed and textured. Painted on the front and on the sides of the canvas, this piece can be displayed with or without a frame. The canvas is stretched across a thick wood frame, providing a firm, resilient base that won't snap or warp like other canvas pieces with weaker supports.

- 36in x 24in x 1.5in
- oil on canvas
- textured (multiple layers of paint to create three dimensional details)

I've always been captivated by nature's beauty, especially when it comes to the forms of clouds and the movement of water. Being near Lake Michigan, I have never been short of opportunities to study and replicate the gorgeous scenes before me into artwork that anyone can have, whether they live on the lake or in the city.