Niagara Falls -- Oil on Canvas

Niagara Falls -- Oil on Canvas


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An oil painting of Niagara Falls, complete with the tumultuous movement of the cascades -- made three-dimensional with the unique application of paints. This painting has curves and movements to make the eye travel throughout the piece, and waves that are textured and cast shadow to make the falls feel as though they are right in front of the viewer. Even though the falls are larger than life, this painting presents the same energy in a compact size, ready to fit into any space to liven it up.

- 16 in x 12 in x 1.5 in
- thick, durable wooden frame that can withstand warping and damage better than thinner frames
- hook included (if the buyer wants without hook, hook can be taken out free of charge before sending)
- textured cascades and waters
- painted on all sides, giving the viewer the choice of hanging with or without a frame

While a friend was visiting famous North American sites, she sent me photographs of Niagara Falls. I was blown away by torrents and cascades, and I wanted to depict them in my painting. I found the best way to do that was to show the texture of the water through layers of paint that grew out of the canvas. Frothy water is shown -- and felt -- as it is ebbing and growing in its path to and down the falls, with clouds of mist rising up to meet a sky of white and lilac clouds.