Bold, Gold Sunset -- Oil on Canvas

Bold, Gold Sunset -- Oil on Canvas


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An eye-catching triptych created with oil paint on canvas. The striking gold of the many tree silhouettes cut across the deep, warm magenta gradients in the background, creating an interesting color combination and engaging design for viewers. The style is heavily influenced by the natural world, so viewers can have both a bold art piece that stands out and makes an impression, as well as artwork that reflects the beauty found outside.

This triptych has:
- (3) 12in x 4in x 1.5in panels
- thick, heavy-duty canvas panels

When creating this triptych, I first used oil paint to create and finish the background. Depending on the amount of paint applied and the mixing methods, it can take one to two weeks to complete the background of a triptych piece. After the magenta background finished drying, I applied the gold paint for the trees. Since I do most of my painting outside, I usually just use the trees and foliage around me as references for the placement and arrangement of trees, leaves, flowers, and branches. After about three weeks and final touch-ups to the paintings, the triptych is finished and ready to display.