Party in the Garden -- Oil on Canvas

Party in the Garden -- Oil on Canvas


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A vibrant, nature themed triptych done with gradients of blue, gold, orange, and rose through oil on canvas. Flowers, ferns, and trees make up a colorful silhouette, their interwining branches allowing the eye to move across the canvases in a pleasing manner. They stand brilliantly in front of a cerulean and royal blue sky, their shading appearing as though there is a light being cast upon the foliage as the sun finishes its journey into the horizon. Combined, these elements create the enjoyable feeling of a warm, summer night party, with the bright and bold colors making one feel as though festivities are about to begin.

Each of the three canvases is 3in x 9in x .5in and is made with oil paint. The sides of the canvases are painted. giving viewers the option of displaying the triptych with or without a frame.

A typical triptych takes about two weeks to complete, with much of the time spent on blending, drying, and the eventual application of the top layer of paint for the trees, ferns, and flowers.