Golden Countryside -- Oil on Canvas

Golden Countryside -- Oil on Canvas


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An oil painting of the countryside bathed in the golden light of the evening sun. All sides of this 5in x 4in x .75in piece are painted, giving viewers the option of displaying this piece with or without a frame. Texture is one of my favorite things to use when creating a painting, and it was included in this piece to help emphasize the movement and shapes of trees, grass, and water. I usually use a variety of blues for my paintings, so I felt it was time to give attention to other color groups for my next piece, using warmer golds and amber colors instead of my usual color palette.

This oil painting reflects one of my favorite kinds of scenes: a summer evening in the country, with clouds, fields, and trees catching the golden rays of the sun before it dips below the horizon. I decided to use loose brushstrokes with this piece, relying on the textures and colors to reveal the view. As with many of my pieces, the inclusion of clouds is a must, but these clouds are less detailed than my usual depictions, presented instead as apricot-colored silhouettes. There is also the subtle indication of a small stream working its way through the piece, traveling through the rolling hills of green and gold found in the foreground.

I had a fun time creating this countryside landscape. I got to try different techniques, work with a new color palette, and produce a smaller scale painting. Overall, it was a great experience, and I hope that the joy this piece brought me will come to you, too!